University Contact Information


Office of Recruitment, Admissions and Programming           504-816-4670
This office is responsible for admitting students into the university. All final transcripts for admitted students should be sent to this office.


Office of the Bursar (Student Accounts)                                 504-816-4654

The Bursar’s office should be contacted to make payments once the Office of Financial Aid has awarded the student their financial aid.


Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships                                 504-816-4677
This office provides a financial overview and expected cost on every student according to their FAFSA and other supporting documents that were requested.


Office of Residential Life                                                          504-816-4734
Residential Life provides housing to students. A housing application must be completed, along with a $150 enrollment fee to secure housing for students.


Academic Center for Excellence                                      504-816-4918

Each student will be paired with a DU Faculty Fellow whose role is to help each freshman transition from high school to college. The Center for the First Year Experience will also provide training in certain areas like spending habits, effective study skills, and much more.


Student Health Services                                                         504-816-4532
Student Health Services are available to students who become ill or have medical questions. A licensed practical nurse or medical doctor is on staff to assist with student health needs. Also, student immunization records should be provided to this office.