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Welcome to Dillard University!






Welcome to Dillard University!


The Dillard University Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) program marks the completion of your journey towards enrolling at Dillard University. SOAR is designed to provide all new students-whether freshman, transfer, readmit, resident, commuter, or non-traditional - an array of programs and workshops. We are excited that you will be joining our Dillard family! SOAR is also designed to help you make new friends, find your way around campus, and educate you about all the resources we provide to support your success. These activities combined introduce you to Dillard University and prepare you for your collegiate experience.

Our rich tradition expands more 144 years of excellence. You have worked with much dedication to achieve admission into the university. We anticipate you will work equally hard to achieve the high academic and personal standards we expect of all Dillard students!

Please remember that all new students are required to attend SOAR, so make plans to attend! So that we may confirm your intentions, please complete and send back your Intent to Enroll Form.

In case you have not already done so, we have also included immunization forms and a housing application (if planning to live on campus) that must be completed before check-in and registration.

If you are returning items by mail, please forward them to the address listed below. You may also fax your registration form to the fax number below.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Recruitment, Admissions and Programming at (504) 816-4670(504) 816-4670, 800.216.6637800.216.6637 toll free or by email at .

We look forward to seeing you soon!



SOAR 2014

SOAR (Student, Orientation, Advising and Registration) is a MANDATORY orientation program for all incoming students (new students, transfer students and non-traditional students).

During the summer of 2014 , Dillard University will offer five (5) SOAR Session s to all accepted students for the 2014-2015 academic year. These orientation programs will give incoming students t he opportunity to complete the clearance and registration process in preparation for the start of the academic year.

Students are required to attend only ONE SOAR session .

SOAR Session I: Thursday-Friday May 29-30

SOAR Session II: Thursday-Friday June 12-13

SOAR Session III: Thursday-Friday June 19-20 Emerging Scholars only

SOAR Session IV: Friday-Saturday July 18-19

SOAR Session V: Monday-Tuesday August 18-19

SOAR Welcome Week: Wednesday-Friday August 20-22

* Fall Move-In Day, Wednesday, August 20, 2014.


Placement & Advising

Although Dillard University admits students with a composite ACT score of 18 or combined SAT score of 870, students may still be placed in developmental courses based on their sub-scores (see chart below) To avoid being placed in any developmental courses , it is important that you ensure we have your highest ACT or SAT scores on file. Please contact us immediately at 504.816.4670504.816.4670 to check your student record.

Reading score below 18 ACT or 850-880 SAT , you will be placed in ED 115

Math score below 19 ACT or 890-920 SAT , you will be placed in MAT 109

English score below 20 ACT or 930-960 SAT, you will be placed in ENG 110

The Compass test will enable the academic advisors to properly place students in the appropriate courses and connect them to the resources needed to achieve academic success.

The deadline to submit your test results is July 1st!  

If you have already, or are currently taking developmental courses at another institution, please submit those transcripts to the Office of Recruitment, Admissions and Programming by July 1st. If no scores are received by July 1st, your Fall schedule will include one or more of the above listed developmental courses.

Click here to find your local remote Compass testing site.

Please contact Mr. Tom Steffen, Director of Recruitment, Admissions and Programming at for more information regarding your placement testing.


SOAR FAQ Information (.pdf, 250K)
Campus Map (.pdf, 340K)
Spring SOAR FAQs (.pdf, 410K)
Spring SOAR Schedule (.pdf, 194K)
Admissions Checklist (.pdf, 410K)
Intent to Enroll Form (.pdf, 183K)
Once you have been admitted, please be sure to complete this form.
Each One Reach One (.pdf, 527K)
Emerging Scholars Checklist (.pdf, 487K)
Financing Options (.pdf, 90K)
Verification Worksheet (.pdf, 147K)
Loan Information (.pdf, 108K)
2013-2014 Fiscal Budget (.pdf, 75K)
Cost of Attendance (.pdf, 95K)
Summer Cost of Attendance (.pdf, 27K)
Health and Wellness (.doc, 30K)
Health Forms.1 (.pdf, 48K)
Health Forms.2 (.pdf, 85K)
Health Forms.3 (.pdf, 245K)
Immuization Checklist (.pdf, 558K)
Suggested Items to Bring (.pdf, 299K)
Dining Services (.pdf, 2091K)
Res Life FAQ (.pdf, 19K)
E2Campus (.doc, 125K)
Please sign up for this emergency campus alert system.
CFYE (.pdf, 408K)
First-Year Experience (.pdf, 256K)
DU Library (.pdf, 90K)
DU Library Resources (.pdf, 826K)
Library Resource Guide (.pdf, 198K)
Melton Foundation (.pdf, 301K)
Resource Guide (.pdf, 345K)
Intent Form_Scholarship Offer (.pdf, 440K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

University Contact Information


Office of Recruitment, Admissions and Programming           504-816-4670
This office is responsible for admitting students into the university. All final transcripts for admitted students should be sent to this office.

Office of the Bursar (Student Accounts)                                 504-816-4644

The Bursar’s office should be contacted to make payments once the Office of Financial Aid has awarded the student their financial aid.

Office of Enrollment Management                                          504-816-4398
The Office of Enrollment Management will assist with any challenges one might face leading up to, or during SOAR week.

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships                                 504-816-4677
This office provides a financial overview and expected cost on every student according to their FAFSA and other supporting documents that were requested.

Office of Public Safety                                                              504-816-4570
The Office of Public Safety should be contacted for any campus related emergency, to pick-up parking decals, and to register a vehicle to park on campus.

Office of Records and Registrations                                        504-816-4705
This office is responsible for class scheduling and transcript request.

Office of Residential Life                                                          504-816-4734
Residential Life provides housing to students. A housing application must be completed, along with a $300 deposit to secure housing for students.

Center for the First Year Experience                                      504-816-4918

Each student will be paired with a DU Faculty Fellow whose role is to help each freshman transition from high school to college. The Center for the First Year Experience will also provide training in certain areas like spending habits, effective study skills, and much more.

Division of Student Success                                                   504-816-4236

The Division of Student Success is responsible for student issues that arise during the school year. Dr. Toya Barnes-Teamer, and her staff are dedicated to student success and will do anything in their means to help rectify student issues.

Student Health Services                                                         504-816-4532
Student Health Services are available to students who become ill or have medical questions. A registered nurse or doctor is on staff to assist with student health needs. Also, student immunization records should be provided to this office.

University Operator                                                                1-800-283-8822
The University Operator can transfer your call to any department or person that you need to contact.