Current Student Grade List

The Current Student Grade List screen displays a read-only list of current grades for the selected course.   Both midterm and final grades may be displayed, depending on settings determined by your JICS Administrator.  This screen displays when you perform a successful Save from the Update Student Grades page if you have view-only permissions for a course's grades or if both the midterm and final grading periods are closed for the selected course.

The following fields are available:



Student List for

Selected course, division, year, term, and subterm


Catalog code of the selected course


Instructor names

Cross-Listed Courses

Cross-listed course codes (if applicable)

Course Grading Type

Description of the Course Grading Type


If this screen opened as a result of a successful save, the following message will display:  "Grades successfully updated."


The following columns are displayed and populated with current class list data:



FERPA Restriction

If the student has FERPA restrictions in place, a red exclamation point will display in this column beside the student name.


The student list for the selected course is sorted alphabetically by last name, first name, middle name, suffix.


This column lists the ID Number for the student.


This column will be populated with a Y or N, depending on the graduation status of the student for the selected Division, Year, Term, and Subterm.

Midterm Grade

This column will display only if your institution allows the entry of midterm grades.

Final Grade

This column will display final grades.

Grading Type

If the grade type and course grade type are not the same, the grade type description displays.  If the grade type and the course grade type are the same, the field is left empty.


This column displays current number of absences.

Clock Hrs

If available, this column displays the number of clock hours for this student.

Cross-Listed Course

This column displays cross-listed courses (if any) for which the student registered.

Grade Note

If available, this column displays notes concerning the grade.