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About Public Safety

University Police provides armed security service 24/7 with the expressed responsibility of protecting life and property of students, faculty, staff, and visitors while on campus. The main entrance to the campus and all buildings located on campus are patrolled by trained armed officers. All campus police officers are licensed and certified by the Louisiana Board of Private Security Examiners and commissioned by the City of New Orleans.

Safety Tips:

1. Students are asked to take normal security precautions, such as locking doors and windows and refusing to admit strangers into their residences or campus facilities.

2. Students display ID cards at all times.

3. Students must register their guests. All guests must surrender a valid state issued photo ID to a University public safety officer to enter the campus.

4. Always attend off campus events with at least one friend.

5. Do not display money and expensive items, such as jewelry in residential unit or in public.

6. Never give a stranger your address.

7. Never prop open the Williams Hall exterior doors, the gates to the Elysian Fields, the DUALS, or other facilities.

8. Do not invite strangers to the campus.

9. Inform University Police of all suspicious activity.

10. Lock your vehicle.

11. Avoid confrontations. Report concerns and problems to Residential Life staff or University Police.

Public Safety Contact Numbers

New Orleans Police, Fire and EMS - 911

Non - Emergency Number:
x5310 on-campus    504-816-5310 off-campus          

Emergency Number
:x4911 on-campus      504-816-4911 off-campus

24hrs. Local Campus Emergency Information Hotline:
(504) 816-4411
24hrs. Toll-free Campus Emergency Information Hotline: (877) 551-5581
New Orleans Police Department (Non-Emergency):  (504) 821-2222 

Parking Decal Office Hours

Mondays - Thursdays                       Closed for Lunch
  9:00am - 4:00pm                          12:00 noon - 1:00pm
Payments for Parking Decals are made at the University Cashier's Window
located on the first floor of Rosenwald Hall.
Questions concerning Parking Decals should be addressed to:
DUPD Dispatcher at 504-816-5310

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