Welcome to University Housing!

Greetings Residents!
You have made a great decision by choosing to live on campus at Dillard University (DU). For over a century, many successful military leaders, business executives, educators, religious leaders, athletes, musicians, politicians, and leaders from many other professions resided in our residential facilities. We welcome you to this illustrious line of Dillard University residents. We, the Office of Residential Life, are delighted you have chosen to live with us, and it is our goal to make your on-campus living experience enjoyable. Welcome Home Bleu Devils!
The Dillard University Office of Residential Life (ORL) is designed to complement the philosophy and purposes of the University, and provide an interesting and challenging atmosphere in which we live. The primary purpose of the ORL is to provide educational programs and well-maintained facilities to assist you in achieving your educational goals.
We have attached your Dillard University Residential Life Guide to assist with your acclimation to University housing.  It includes general policies for all residence halls and apartment complexes that have been compiled in accordance with university regulations, local, state and federal laws. Their purpose is to promote an atmosphere of health and safety and to encourage a state of well-being among residents. You can view or download the PDF document (see "Downloadable Documents" section).
All regulations and guidelines as stated in the current Dillard University Student Handbook and Residence Life Guide apply to the residence halls and apartment complexes. It is impossible to outline exact conduct in every situation and, for students of good judgment, it is unnecessary.
Residents are required to cooperate with staff and other residents at all times. Students will be expected to become familiar with and responsible for following all published procedures, policies, rules, and regulations, including those which are explained in this handbook. Residents will respect the rights of other residents, and each resident will be responsible and held accountable for his/her behavior and the behavior of their guests.
Please take a moment to review the Residential Life Guide in its entirety as you settle into your rooms.  Again, we wish you the best of luck this semester!
Dillard University Office of Residential Life Team