Canvas LMS

DEAL courses use Canvas to deliver course content, as a communication and collaboration platform and for authentic assessments, including assignments, discussions, projects, portfolios, quizzes, and tests.  DEAL instructors may also choose to use VoiceThread, Proctorio Automated Test Proctoring, the Unicheck plagiarism detector application, and many other applications and tools that fully integrate with our Canvas LMS. 

Canvas Logo

Students, your Canvas login id is your student id number

Students, your Canvas password is the first two letters of your first name in lowercase immediately followed by your id number.  This should equal 8 characters.


Example:  DU Student JANE DOE with DU id# of 654321 will have a Canvas Login Id of 654321 and password of ja654321

Student Readiness for eLearning: Distance Education for Authentic Learning

Are you ready for eLearning?  
Students should determine if they are ready to succeed in a hybrid or online course. 

Take these quick self-assessments: The DEAL Readiness Self Assessment Tool will help you determine if you have the technology access, skills, and self-motivation to succeed in an online or hybrid course. The Online Readiness Assessment shared with us from Penn State University will you see whether your characteristics would help you be a successful online learner.  The Are You Ready for Online Learning? from the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services can help you determine if online learning is a good fit for you.
 The Skills for Effective Online Learning Self Assessment can help you determine if you have the skills you need to be an online learner.  

Student Readiness: Canvas Onboarding and eLearning Readiness Course


All students can register in DEAL online and hybrid sections [Fall 2019]. 

Evidence (badge/certificate) of completing the DEAL* Onboarding mini-Course is no longer needed to register! 

HOWEVER ---<>---students must take the Canvas Student Tour and take the SmarterMeasure Readiness Indicator during the very first week of the semester and report evidence of doing so to their instructor and the Director of DEAL to REMAIN ENROLLED

Get DEAL Ready today. 


The SmarterMeasure Readiness Indicator, which informs the student of their readiness to learn in technology-rich and online environments, is reserved for students who register in online and hybrid courses and is available during week 1 of the semester.   Results will be shared with you, your advisor, your teacher and the Director of DEAL.  You can make an informed decision about how well an online or hybrid course fits your learning style.

Smarter Measure Learning Readiness Indicator