Your Community Leaders!

Our residential life staff are trained, ready and capable to handle any concerns or issues that may arise for all students. We have (20) Resident Assistants (RAs) and (6) Community Assistants (CAs) who live in the residence halls and are ready to assist their new community members.  Within the first two weeks the RAs and CAs will be visiting all residents to help acclimate you into the community.  We have a host of opportunities for you to get to know your community members, create partnerships with student staff and become involved in campus organizations. 

Residence Life Professional Staff

Ms. Ashlyn Green, Residence Life Coordinator
Camphor Hall, Hartzell Hall, & Gentilly Gardens Apts.
Phone:  504.816.5579
Mr. Kentrell King, Residence Life Coordinator
Straight Hall, SUNO Apts., & Williams Hall 
Phone:  504.816.5305
Dillard University
Office of Residential Life 
2601 Gentilly Blvd
New Orleans, LA  70122
Phone: 504.816.4734
Fax: 504.816.5312
Housing Questions Email: 
Office located in the Student Union, 2nd Floor, Suite 270